HTC Home for Windows

HTC Home for Windows R1 2.4

Craving a bit of HTC style for your PC?

HTC Home for Windows is a free version of the distinctive HTC clock for your Windows computer. View full description


  • Nice animations
  • HTC style for your desktop
  • Good configuration options


  • Smaller option would be good
  • No appearance options


HTC Home for Windows is a free version of the distinctive HTC clock for your Windows computer.

If you're a devoted HTC user, you're probably a fan of the fun clock/weather combo that came as default on your mobile device. Well, HTC Home for Windows brings the widget to your desktop, with a nicely designed, customizable version for the PC.

HTC Home for Windows has good configuration settings - you can pick your local city for the weather, choose what unit temperature is shown and pick from one of 4 widget sizes. HTC Home for Windows displays the time and date, your location, the current weather, and a 5-day forecast.

What makes HTC Home for Windows so attractive, apart from the distinctive HTC clock, is the animated weather changes. These animations can be enabled or disabled, which is a good thing - even though they are really nicely animated, cloudy/rainy weather can really obscure the other information!

HTC Home for Windows is a lovely time/weather widget that will look good on any desktop.


  • Added widget gallery
  • Freemeteo provider updated to 2.3 version
  • Added Last locations to Weather/Clock widget context menu
  • Non-localized string now shows in English
  • Fixed skins bug
  • Improved stability
HTC Home for Windows


HTC Home for Windows R1 2.4

User reviews about HTC Home for Windows

  • drazenxp

    by drazenxp

    "don't install you'll clean machine later for hours"

    This weather baby is full of troyans and other s**t. Horrible!.   More.

  • Sesha124

    by Sesha124

    "More animation required"

    Good but missing those wiper and lightning effects are required few eye candy animations and i will give a full rating.   More.